Cure Dextra Closed System Catheter


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The sterile, single-use Cure Dextra is an innovative closed system catheter. It features polished eyelets on a pre-lubricated catheter tip with integrated 1000 ml collection bag. All users, including individuals seeking greater independence due to limited dexterity, will want to give the Cure Dextra a try.


Unique attributes make the Cure Dextra easy to use:

• A Support Band on the back of the bag enables controlled use without the need to grip the device with two hands.

• Tip Advancing Technology moves the catheter out of the bag and into the body without contact.

• A Gripper Arrow on the front of the bag is the point of contact for advancing the catheter. Simply slide the Gripper Arrow the entire length of the chamber, in full strokes. The catheter advances with each full forward stroke. It does not retract into the bag on the full back stroke.