Bard Red Rubber Intermittent Coude Olive Tip Catheter


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Red Rubber Intermittent Coude Olive Tip Catheter from Bard

We are proud to offer red rubber intermittent coude olive tip catheters
from the trusted name Bard. This catheter offers a coude olive tip for
an easy and comfortable insertion process, and an indicator to identify
the direction of the coude tip.

Features include:

  • Semi-rigid rubber with Coude olive tip to facilitate negotiation of the prostatic cure
  • Indicator to identify direction of coude tip
  • Single use and sterile

For over 30 years, Courtesy Care
has offered supreme customer service and superbly priced medical
supplies to urological, wound, ostomy, and incontinent patients, from
top brands such as 3M, Bard, Covidien, Cure, Dynarex, First Quality,
Hollister, HR, Kendall, Rochester, Tranquility, and Tena.